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Marie Joseph-Charles shares her home in Cincinnati, Ohio with her cats, dogs, parrots, and goldfish. Her desire to be a writer started the first time she put a pencil to a piece of paper and wrote her first sentence.  She participated in writing clubs and competitions while growing up and has published poetry under another name.  


Marie's writing spans the literary map.  She has written short stories to novels and romance to murder.  She can often be found writing at her local library or exploring art museums for inspiration.  On a sunny day, she's usually curing any writer's block in the woods with her dog, Su.

Some of her favorite writers include Richard Sherbaniuk, Stephen King, John Darnton, William Golding, George Orwell, and John Case.


She is happy to have you along with her as she continues to write and invites you to follow her in social media or contact her via e-mail at MarieJCWrites@gmail.com.