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Marie Joseph-Charles

My name is Marie Joseph-Charles and I am a writer of love and death.


Why death? It is the undeniable fascination with murder and the macabre. What makes someone take the life of another? It’s something many of us have pondered. It is easy to say I could never kill anyone. But I have never been a mother in a position to protect my child. I have never been kidnapped and held in captivity with only one way to escape. I am not a jilted lover. In writing, I can transform myself into any one of people and find out what motivates them and feel what it’s like to take a life.


Why love? In truth, at my core, I am a hopeful romantic. Finding someone you want to wake up to in the morning and can’t wait to tell about your day at night is a beautiful thing. Finding that person who makes you feel whole is something so many of us long for. It is our nature to want this other half for ourselves.


I invite you all to take part as we explore those fundamental fascinations that are rooted in the human core: Love and Death.

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